Student Management System & Its Benefits

school management software in Bangladesh

Most of the significant institutes in today’sdate have turned todigitalization of the system as a whole that help such institutes to streamline their processes. Still big concern remains that how much these systems prove to be effective for the institutes.

Educlerk has designed their student management system in a very smart way. Here are five good reasons that prove to be righteous to invest in this student information system that may help you cut your processes short and thus make them effective outright.

1. Getting more benefits

Choosing a high tech, cloud-based Student Management System means freeing your institute from outdated technology and processes. Institutes will barely have to pay for installation charge through one-time payment system.Our Student Management System is responsive and henceruns almost onall devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones etc. and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. All these — at a very low price makes it more lucrative.

2. Better Utility

The benefits of installing this system usually include an improved and easy maintenance, storage and searching of the student database because of the user-friendliness the system has to offer. Conventional methods of working are left way behind. These regular processes are simplified now, which consequently requires less time through boosting the speed of these tasks and has lessen human errors to a great extent.

3. Higher security:

Educlerk ensures security to keep student’s as well as institute’s data. It allows access to the system according to the access permissions given to the user which can be the student, staff member, teachers, parents etc. This way no wrong usage of data can be done and all the confidential information can only be accessible by the right hands.

Another security measuretaken care of is,even in case of loss of hardware, there is no loss of data. Because important data for an instituteare all saved on the cloud.

4. Easy Payment Processing

Educlerk will assist your institute to monitor financial issues. The right system with integrated payment processing is synced with proper bank account.Tuition fees can be paid through online banking and thus long queues at the bank can be avoided. Students and parents can easily see the payment statuswhether or not updated, later on.


5. Well-informed parents

Using an all-in-one system let parents keep track of tuition fees along withother payments for incidentals in the same place they check their student’s grades and attendance. This process helps parents and it becomes a lot easier to for them to monitor their child’s progress, communicate the teacher and so on.