If the she marries trustees are to pay this lady ?five hundred and you will half of focus regarding personal finance, for lifetime

If the she marries trustees are to pay this lady ?five hundred and you will half of focus regarding personal finance, for lifetime

If Mary Ann becomes deceased pre 21 versus legal heirs, after that trustees to expend towards restoration and education from s, another away from their respected ds, up to she’s 21 otherwise partnered; after that for their sister

Immediately following their death, trustees to spend appeal as directed by their have a tendency to, in order to the lady spouse, for a lifetime, and allow the girl legal students, or no, equal offers. Up until he is 21, the interest for their fix and you may degree. Enough time believe details follows. https://datingranking.net/sugar-daddy/ When the one another girl perish pre 21 with no heirs, after that the legacies so you’re able to sis John’s students. Trustees are their executors. Witnesses: George Drew, Bermondsey Street, John Seely, same put and you will John Letter.

Day, exact same placeCodicil dated second September 1830 This is influenced to brother John. Testator wishes your to expend William Barnick away from Chatham, ?20 annuity for a lifetime. Also to spend William Boghurst’s housekeeper Mary —— ? Nicholas, annuity of ?20 for life also to pay annuities out-of ?10, for a lifetime so you’re able to Age Thornton and you may Sarah Crane. Boghurst (uel Newsom (Surgeon) sign for each and every bequest. Witnesses: Samuel Newsom and you may Sarah Take a look. Affidavit dated 4th uel Newsom, Surgeon away from Rochester and you may Sarah Appear, out-of Rochester, Spinster, sworn. He has looked at commonly and you can codicil; sis John typed the new codicil; Richard Boghurst are as well sick so you can indication their title. Most of the about three prove data try completely new and you will authentic. Turned-out 14th Could possibly get 1831 Stamina kepted to help you George Prentis and you may John Tonge. Ann Boghurst, away from St.

Margaret’s, Spinster, P. C.C. Will old 1st April 1800 Appoints cousin, John Boghurst from Strood, Gentleman, nephew John Boghurst regarding St. Nicholas, Guy, and Richard Boghurst, off St. Margaret’s, Gentleman, executors. Leasehold house she lives in, when you look at the Rochester High-street, that have remainder of book, to siblings, Rebecca and you can Mary Boghurst; once they provides one another passed away, so you’re able to nephew John Boghurst. Their half-share within the forest called Shawl Hook up (fourteen acres), into the Aylesford nearby the Turnpike Highway from Chatham in order to Maidstone, within her profession as well as nephew Phillip Boghurst, to nephew John Boghurst. This lady annuity on the farm at the Luton, in Chatham, occupied because of the Thomas Filmer, so you can nephew Richard Boghurst, permanently. So you can relative, E Boghurst, ?50; to each and every off executors, ?50 to have mourning.

Regarding the Container Below Is actually Transferred The fresh Remains From JOHN BOGHURST ESQUIRE Who Died Oct. 23rd 1840 Aged 76 Decades And you can MARY Their Partner Which Died AUG. 23rd 1842 Aged 70 Decades This stone might have been cut-in 1 / 2 of and you will re-put the wrong manner round, on the bottom 1 / 2 of the new inscription on the top!

That it much time often is certainly caused by worried about trust requirements

John Boghurst, out of St. Nicholas, Esquire, (58 Traditional, Pigot’s Index, 1832; Character, Holden’s List 1809 – 11) P. C.C. Commonly old 20th March 1840 To help you wife, Mary, friend John Nightingale from Rochester, Esq. Partner for advantage of fool around with; immediately after the lady dying, above goes in residuary estate. So you’re able to John Nightingale and you will Samuel Caddel, ?100 each, actual and you will leasehold house and personal estate, besides he was permitted lower than his aunt, Richard’s commonly, through to believe, to sell individual house, except that remaining so you’re able to partner rather than in public Money, faith facts go after. Appeal and dividends to help you spouse; after this lady death or remarriage, executors to spend Sarah Crane, ?five hundred, if the latter becomes deceased inside the lives, then your ?500 to help you her cousin, William Crane off Theobalds Highway, Kent Path, Surrey, Labourer along with her brother Martha spouse from Charles Saunders off Mile Prevent Highway, Middlesex, Area Citation Porter, into the equivalent offers.

So you’re able to dated and you may loyal servant, John Jarrett, ?200; so you’re able to godson, John Boghurst Spencer, son off pal John Spencer, of your own Kent Path, Cornfactor, ?300; in order to Josiah Spencer, ?2 hundred, to help you his wife Mary Ann Spencer, ?100; to help you friend, George Acworth out of Rochester, Gentleman, ?200; so you can Mary Ann, Jane and you may Sarah Jarrett, most of the Spinsters off St. Crane, ?50; to help you Martha Saunders ?fifty. Or no excess, executors to invest and you may spend notice so you can s, reputed ds by his aunt Richard, in the equivalent offers for life. Pursuing the death of either, following their express to their child / children, if any. Once they perish no people, then various other ?3 hundred to help you Samuel Caddel, another ?eight hundred to John Jarrett, another ?2 hundred for each to Mary Ann, Jane and you may Sarah Jarrett, other ?50 in order to Thomas Jarrett the brand new Elder, some other ?500 so you can George Acworth.