About Educlerk

Educlerk is a completes school/college/education management system which helps administrators and teachers to control their daily activities and keeps guardians up to date with their children’s progress. It is a product of Arena Phone BD Ltd. which we are developing since 2012. Educlerk is suitable for:

Schools Colleges Universities Training Centers Coaching Center Kindergarten

The key benefits of educlerk are :

  1. Online based software
  2. Other then internet connection no additional hardware is required for Educlerk
  3. Hosted in secured server
  4. User friendly Interface
  5. Optimization and Customized option
  6. Freedom of use
  7. Mostly Secured and Reliable
  8. 24/7/365 Support
  9. Flexible price
  10. Almost free customization option
  11. Fully compatible with any public or private education institute

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